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History of Turquality

TURQUALITY®, the first ever state-funded branding program on the world, seeks becoming a brand reference in the eyes of consumers and a catalyst of development for Turkish brands.

Effective as of 23 November 2004, TURQUALITY® program passed through a strategic process of progress and change to attain its current position, in consideration of changes in global markets and demands of stakeholders. Today, TURQUALITY® is identified as a branding support platform that supports companies in corporate, financial and operational terms.

In order to conduct technical processes about the project, TURQUALITY® Work Group and TURQUALITY® Secretariat are established of representatives from Ministry of Economy, Turkish Exporters Assembly, Unions of Exporters and private sector. TURQUALITY® Work Group determined the strategy to be followed within the scope of project.

In line with the strategy, textile and ready-made clothes are concluded as pilot sectors for the program. It is also decided to obtain consulting service from an international company in order to choose and provide the brands which will be granted TURQUALITY® Certificate. In this respect, we collaborated with Werner International Consulting Company. Analyses on 15 companies within the scope of TURQUALITY® are conducted in two aspects, production and marketing, and benchmarking is accomplished.

See the following PDF file or click on the link for the document prepared by PROGROUP Consultancy.