TURQUALITY: Key to Branding
Today, a new economic order has emerged, since globalisation takes effect in every aspect of life and upon the ever-growing role of integration in international markets, free market economy and indispensable competition in the development of countries. At this stage, Turkey is need of a new vision programme in order to compete in this new economic order. Consequently, the TURQUALITY programme, supported by the government and designed with the vision of “creating 10 world brands in 10 years”, takes as mission not only increasing the exportation by Turkey via development of strong global Turkish brands, but also reinforcing the image of “Made in Turkey” and reputation of Turkey. TURQUALITY is a vision programme beyond an ordinary platform for branding support in financial and operational terms. TURQUALITY project is the first and only state-sponsored branding programme not only in Turkey but all around the world. Its objective is to enhance productivity in all processes of companies, so as to provide them with advantage in national and international competition. As PROGROUP International Consultancy, we strengthen the corporate infrastructure of companies and enhance productivity at every process thanks to services provided under TURQUALITY titles. Besides, competency of companies in prescribed performance elements is increased up to an acceptable level. Therefore, these specific improvements ensure a very important competitive edge for them. Thanks to these services, companies conduct strategic moves in higher awareness. For us, the gratitude for knowledge is to share. 


  • Turquality Management

  • Turquality Supports

  • Turquality Expertise Programmes


  • Establishment of Turquality Committee

  • Duties and Responsibilities of Turquality Manager

  • Schedule for Turquality Stages


Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Management

  • Determination of Long-Term Brand Strategies

  • Brands Positioning

  • Brand Plans

  • Brand Department Organisation

  • Brand Data Management

Supply Chain Management

  • Customer Management

  • Purchasing

  • Production Management

  • Logistics Management

  • Material and Information Flow

  • Resource Planning and Management

  • Cost Control

Marketing, Customer and Trade Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Customer Management

  • Sales Management and Organisation

  • Competitor Analysis

Product Design/ Research & Development

  • Product Development Strategy

  • Research & Development management

  • Research & Development Methodology

Financial Performance

  • Asset-Liability Management

  • Ratio Management

  • Income-Expense Management

Human Resources Management

  • Human Resources Strategy and Organisation

  • Job Definitions

  • Performance Management

  • Training and Talent Management

  • Career Management

Corporate Management

  • Legal Regulations

  • Rights and Interests of Shareholders and Stakeholders

  • Professional and Corporate Management

  • Digital Nervous Systems Structure

Gastronomy (Sector-Specific)

  • Operation and Service Management

  • Turkish Cuisine Dishes and Culture


  • Establishment and Monitoring of Strategic Work Plan

  • Preparation and Tracking of Expense Documents

  • Improvement of Development Areas